Tropheus Kalambo Golden or Tropheus Kalambo Golden OB? My BIG question.

  • Hello everybody, my name is Sostene for a while I'm looking for Tropheus Kalambo Golden OB, but in my search I came across photos and discussions showing the differences between the two variants Tropheus Kalambo Golden and Tropheus Golden OB, explaining that OB term exists to indicate a mutation of the Golden.

    The mutation in question is that Kalambo Golden in her life can reach gold color on 90% of her body, while the Kalambo Golden OB being a mutation of the first, is represented by a gold colored spot, small black spots around the body never reaches gold color on 90% of its body like the "Golden". I'll also take photos.

    On other forums, differently from what I have written, they explain that the coloring of the Tropheus Golden Kalambo OB (the only species) occurs during his lifetime and is not said to become golden color on 90% of his body but to remain with small gold spots for all his life.

    Tropheus Kalambo Golden OB

    Tropheus Kalambo Golden

    Tropheus Kalambo Golden

  • Hi,
    The Golden Kalambo is a mutation of the Tropheus Kalambo, which usually starts very late with 5 ore more years. It begins with small black spots on the body or the fins and slowly comes more and more white, golden or sometimes also red color. The coloring can continue throughout the life.It rangesfrom fishes with few black points to completely golden individuals. Toby Veall divided her into "OB" and "Golden". He only described the much rarer golden mutation as "Golden". But these are not two variants, it describes only the degree of gold coloration. Ad Konings calls the Morphe simply Golden Kalambo, no matter from "only" spotted or almost gold.



    der Golden Kalambo ist eine Mutation des Tropheus Kalambo, die meist erst sehr spät mit 5 oder mehr Jahren einsetzt. Sie beginnt mit kleinen schwarzen Flecken am Körper oder den Flossen und langsam kommt immer mehr weiße, goldene oder manchmal auch rote Farbe dazu. Die Umfärbung kann das ganze Leben weitergehen. Sie reicht von Fischen mit wenigen schwarzen Punkten bis zu komplett goldenen Individuen. Toby Veall hat sie damals in "OB" und "Golden" eingeteilt, wobei er nur die deutlich seltenere goldene Mutation als "Golden" bezeichnet hat. Das sind aber keine zwei Varianten, sondern beschreibt nur den Grad der Goldfärbung. Ad Konings nennt die Morphe einfach Golden Kalambo, egal ab "nur" gefleckt oder fast gold.



  • Hi Joe, your explanation was very interesting. Hence the Golden Kalambo mutation is much more rare because the mutation to the "golden" color is not as frequent as the Kalambo OB (with black spots).

    This thing makes me very happy. There is not much clarity about this topic, since being a very rare fish does not have much information on the morphology and characteristic of kalambo golden.

    I would like to ask you another question: Do you know some breeders who sell and export this fish (even wild) in Italy?


    Hallo Joe, deine Erklärung war sehr interessant. Daher ist die Goldene Kalambo-Mutation viel seltener, weil die Mutation zur "goldenen" Farbe nicht so häufig ist wie die Kalambo OB (mit schwarzen Flecken).

    Das macht mich sehr glücklich Es gibt nicht viel Klarheit über dieses Thema, da ein sehr seltener Fisch hat nicht viel Informationen über die Morphologie und charakteristisch für kalambo golden.

    Ich möchte Sie noch eine Frage stellen: Kennen Sie einige Züchter, die diesen Fisch (auch wild) in Italien verkaufen und exportieren?

  • The Golden Kalambo is a tough fish in all directions! :)
    You made me think, you are very prepared for the subject. Have you ever been able to see or breed this species?

    I intend to find breeders in Europe who ship to Italy.
    Many thanks for your willingness and kindness, I will continue to look for the Kalambo Golden WILD. :thumbsup: